Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Pussycat Noodles

Pussycat Noodles



‘Are you now my sweet boyfriend,

or still just my sweet dream?’

Pussycat begging with wild screams

dripping in hot chocolate sauce,

teeth flashing all coconut creams.

So, I pant, that when you wake,

dreams can fade and dissipate,

but boyfriends remain and it strains

all seedy, that edible part of fruit,

pressing against hard yellow skin,

slowly peel and put the insides in

your mouth. She loves it with syrup,

all-over husky, wanting my stirrups

to mount up and ride bareback,

feed me with honey-black cherries,

first one, then two, pushing to bury

my head drenched, until I’m drowning.

She’ll shave all hair, tan me brown

with busy body-fingers that stay,

crazy gentle, just play, just play,

withdraw, pause, then play encore,

explode, but coming back for more,

extra helpings of steaming strudels,

pussycat plays with oozing noodles.

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