Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Pussycat Noodles

Pussycat Noodles



‘Are you now my sweet boyfriend,

or still just my sweet dream?’

Pussycat begging with wild screams

dripping in hot chocolate sauce,

teeth flashing all coconut creams.

So, I pant, that when you wake,

dreams can fade and dissipate,

but boyfriends remain and it strains

all seedy, that edible part of fruit,

pressing against hard yellow skin,

slowly peel and put the insides in

your mouth. She loves it with syrup,

all-over husky, wanting my stirrups

to mount up and ride bareback,

feed me with honey-black cherries,

first one, then two, pushing to bury

my head drenched, until I’m drowning.

She’ll shave all hair, tan me brown

with busy body-fingers that stay,

crazy gentle, just play, just play,

withdraw, pause, then play encore,

explode, but coming back for more,

extra helpings of steaming strudels,

pussycat plays with oozing noodles.

Friday, 19 March 2021

Light Angel in Darkness

 Light Angel in Darkness



Hello. To say goodbye properly

will be the last thing I ever do.

Four past years have kissed us

all our futures together apart,

and see, how I had your heart’s

crushed ground diamante on ice.

Your head holds its secrets within,

it leaves me so very far, far behind,

crying out I shall never understand.

We broke us both and you in turn

forgave me, kind smiles, returned

when I was going through a lot

of what is now and what is not

quite as it should not ever be.

Swept up by your warm whirlwind

away, thoughts of such sinning,

head reeled in my heart-spinning,

strong is that black magic you wield

over me, that I even started to feel:

look - it is the December of my life,

but living cuts me apart like knives

conjured, hurled in revolving boards,

I am fast whirling in circus bondage

dizzy, I will always find some place

to rabbit-look blindly into your face,

shivering as our songs play, then race

around to find, in my heart, a place

for you where we always used to know,

so, oh, my love I have to let you go.



I will always hear your cellos’ swell

in rising melody as you complete me.

Sweetie, I read, in your words, all hell.

Much could I write, perhaps I don’t.

Many songs to sing, perhaps I won’t.

In Angel wings embrace your sorrow

I will always protect you from tomorrow

to keep you from that infernal abyss

you gladly cast me into with a kiss.

Now that I returned, perhaps, perhaps,

I pulled an ice pick from your back,

for certainly we, who blush in shame,

will find there only is nothing to blame.

It's all done. But I’m done melting. 

Young enough to begin over, my hands,

strong against tearing apart, hold hard,

understand looks and still not too late,

hammer no hard nails into soft hearts.

We stand together and we fall together.

We both still can run, hell for leather,

face life with a grin. All broken dreams

in innocence start mending, it seems

music, love, kisses to lost loved past

might bring us both back to the start,

to hear us two sing again, begin again,

is it all for nought? Nothing will come

of nothing sought. Feelings deepening,

love so strong but all lost to weeping.

You're my first thought as morning rises, 

mourning our deep late sunset nights, 

when upon you, loss is only dawning.

To her kitchen sink will you be bound,

me amongst all our wildflowers found

with Angels, fool's passion growing old,

ambered love struck in buttercup gold.


Away with farewells, Goodbye kills us both.

Adieu dark prince, bathe in my sweet toast,

I kiss your journey with affectionate winds

voyaging far away from all our sweet sin.

Oranges and Lemons


Oranges and Lemons



Choppers that choose flower heads

to chop off, should stop while music

still plays. Love outlives your cutting,

hot heart heaving until life’s final cut.

Even when you stand above my grave,

you will feel me aching in your bosom,

while chucking dirt at my wooden box

as I peer up via salt and pepper locks,

blink blind penny tears from my eyes,

never truly gone. In love, still crying out

that I became you and you became me,

through the looking glass; it’s you I see

staring back, imprinted there for eternity.

I’m branded invisible on your full breasts,

feel my hands there, my first tongued kiss

to my long last hot shivering caress.

You’re on heat; the sun still beating,

lime lemons still continue their ripening

green to gold, oranges swelling to burst,

for we will always for each other thirst

unquenched. Drenched finds you smiling,

tears will from nowhere fall uninvited

from shadows. Thoughts stray, excited,

exploding fire when you least expect

by touching yourself in passion’s regret,

coming together in dreamed pleasure.

Now look at me lover. We’re first bliss

sought as morning dawns and last kiss

thought as we’re cradle rocked asleep,

we hunt each other in dreams so deep

in Demetrius, are you even yet awake?

Where oranges are hearts, lemons heads,

then to the winding river we must be led,

to oncoming day when we make choices;

oranges and lemons to be given voices.

We both are drawn to it. Those old paths

trod together in love, together laughed,

in joy with shared words on future pages

thumbed hard inside you, yet now in ages

get behind us, do we return there in hope?

Trust in the strength of love’s binding rope.

Lemons sour memory, but oranges repent:

Love’s river wash clean at old St Clements.

Thursday, 4 March 2021





You are watching me, child,

and your eyes burn our skins.

Scanning us and all scorching

in downtime casual torching

of every move that we began.


I sense each sweating thought

and feel your combing fingers

through our joined minds linger

upon hot, detonated red flares

to search out if ever we cared.


Will you yet walk last long aisle

in tossed veil, and so careless

do you take that ring then smile?

I can feel you’re watching, child.


You are all hands stretching out

from shadows dark in every doubt.

But look how far, look how long,

to set right what was set wrong,

and it cannot hold. We will shout


love grows cold, it parts, enfolds

both lost lovers in fables untold,

just storybook pages torn in two

and I can feel me watching you

spill blackest ink and growing old.


Do you yet ride long last mile

in flowing train, and so careless

do you kiss that ring then smile?

I can feel you’re watching, child.


You are still watching me, child,

but I’m watching your back:

May I carry courage you lack

within me, like hard steel words

knighted with tempered sword,


incanting magic spells overcast

enchanting lovers' vows to last,

charming futures to never unfurl:

wise woman become not foolish girl,

light from dark will come to pass.


Must you strut that last long fret

in garlands pink, and so careless

do you toss that ring then still smile?

I can feel you’re watching, child.