Friday, 19 March 2021

Oranges and Lemons


Oranges and Lemons



Choppers that choose flower heads

to chop off, should stop while music

still plays. Love outlives your cutting,

hot heart heaving until life’s final cut.

Even when you stand above my grave,

you will feel me aching in your bosom,

while chucking dirt at my wooden box

as I peer up via salt and pepper locks,

blink blind penny tears from my eyes,

never truly gone. In love, still crying out

that I became you and you became me,

through the looking glass; it’s you I see

staring back, imprinted there for eternity.

I’m branded invisible on your full breasts,

feel my hands there, my first tongued kiss

to my long last hot shivering caress.

You’re on heat; the sun still beating,

lime lemons still continue their ripening

green to gold, oranges swelling to burst,

for we will always for each other thirst

unquenched. Drenched finds you smiling,

tears will from nowhere fall uninvited

from shadows. Thoughts stray, excited,

exploding fire when you least expect

by touching yourself in passion’s regret,

coming together in dreamed pleasure.

Now look at me lover. We’re first bliss

sought as morning dawns and last kiss

thought as we’re cradle rocked asleep,

we hunt each other in dreams so deep

in Demetrius, are you even yet awake?

Where oranges are hearts, lemons heads,

then to the winding river we must be led,

to oncoming day when we make choices;

oranges and lemons to be given voices.

We both are drawn to it. Those old paths

trod together in love, together laughed,

in joy with shared words on future pages

thumbed hard inside you, yet now in ages

get behind us, do we return there in hope?

Trust in the strength of love’s binding rope.

Lemons sour memory, but oranges repent:

Love’s river wash clean at old St Clements.

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