Saturday, 27 February 2021

Vaccination Day


Vaccination Day



On vaccination day, sat watching countdown

mute, unwilling to utter consonants or vowels,

sitting deep within the bureaucracy’s bowels,

in constipated anticipation, waiting in turn

for needle prick, our weak human flesh burns

and throbs; hums in time to gears grinding.

Patient dogs of Pavlov linger, undreaming

among constant catcall of mobile screaming,

but I smile, recalling her soft gaze pleading

russet brown, beneath thick lashes playing,

framed by darkest hijab, within parked car,

sweltering like any oven would on hot tar

beneath a smelting desert sun. Tight abaya

cupping and enfolding an unspoken desire,

hands tap-tapping out in code on handbrake

a recipe to stir and cream and slowly bake.

Between us little, nothing but ancient vows

will thwart what shall become soon aroused.

Oh, I can scent it sharp, her forest shivers,

oiled tunnelled rivers perfume flow, deliver

us hard passage, parting sandalwood leaves

like silk, her plantation shudders and heaves.

Bold adventurer, opened wide, lightly split,

holds tight, takes time, to stay it and stay it.

On vaccination day, escaping dreamers roam,

writhing free, where she grasps and moans,

begging us for a little injection of her own.

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