Friday, 12 February 2021

From Now On


From Now On



I’ll pick and choose,

who I love and who I lose.

And some of my choices,

might surprise even me.

Nobody will be fireproof

from gentle bloodless coup

of spirit: it might be her,

if so, then ask yourself,

should it be even you?

This old heart grows jaded,

weary, set upon the rack

might fold its empty hand,

if it suffers further attack,

soft broken back beats

fade out and faded.

If you are chosen,

be assured of warmth,

occasional provocative smile

dark glints from dark heart.

I’ll gift you love’s words,

you’ll guide my hands,

we few will, back to back,

forever and together stand

against jealous time.

If not, well, no crime

was ever committed,

just get on with the living,

forgiven and forgiving,

the herd is mostly immune,

to any kindness shown:

decisions taken, dues paid,

I’ll turn my unfeeling eye,

on life’s blind passing by.

Nothing left to see here,

from now on, believe me,

and so please move along;

you did nothing wrong.

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