Monday, 3 August 2020

A Lighthouse Made of Lego

A Lighthouse Made of Lego







made from

lego ever,

stand ever

proud, fly

flags, warn

our passing


to abandon

all hope and

beware the

rock crush?

Of crashing,

ground into

stone teeth,


those many

siren songs

which bleat

wrath in vile

acid sticky

tell tale tit



Beams will flash

paler than winter moons,

hint that pursuits such as these;

quick sticking plastic brick in plastic

brick, of assorted spectrum hued colours,

are best left as the idle pursuits of small children.

Scrubbing around in grubby, sticky boxes for greasy bits

leftover; not quite really a finished article, but almost fits,

gaudy, garish; pressed together with colours scrambled

 all fingers and thumbs, with little thought of right angles,

level, plumb, square, true; boasting shrieks of this will do

for sure and the want of a horseshoe nail. You might rue

when rolling waves rip it to pieces, unfit for any function,

nature shrugging whatever shoulders without compunction.

It stands at odds with stupendous shores to be pointed out,

an odd curiosity, strangely incongruous, framed with doubt,

swimming in life’s heat, it gives up, crumbles, melts away

into mindless toxic bricks,

choking seas,

spitting horrid poison spray.

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