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Monday, 1 August 2016



Grandad. Grandad. Today, I fell over
in the yard, at my house, on the step.
There is a cut on my cheek,
Grandad. I had to wear a plaster to bed.

No, I’m not tired, Grandad,
silly, this is my morning yawn.
Look - is the sun just coming up now?
What is that called? Dawn?
Why isn’t it dawn?

Is it breakfast yet, Grandad?
Grandad, what do you want to eat?
I can have milk, grapes, toast, cereal.
Grandad! Grandad! Can I put apple up my feet?

Can I get on your bed, Grandad? I can
get up all by myself now. I’m bouncing. Look.
I found some money, can I keep it? It’s mine.
I can pull this off your shelf, Grandad. Look. Your book.

Can I use this spaceship, Grandad?
My money’s safer in it. It’s my bank.
Penny goes in the doors, open them, put it in here…
then…take it out, see? Now...
we can run it over with this tank. Pow!

No, I’m not going back in bed
while you do your work, Grandad. Look, the
brown money fits in my hand, between two
fingers, and then…stretches and falls out. See?

Come on, Grandad, I’m sitting here outside
the door. What are you doing in there? Poo.
Tomorrow, we need to go in the car. Play trains.
Because I can’t sleep. I’m not tired. Grandad. I love you.