Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Grandad - Special Features

The two stanzas I felt didn't work in first draft in Special Lexicographical Definition


Can you see my spot on my arm?
I had two but one has gone back in now, Grandad.
The sucker monster lives in there, in my body.
It sucks the blood back in. I’m sad but glad.

Grandad, get the alarm clock to work when
I hide my head under your pillow.
I’m asleep.
Did I trick you? Wind it up! Wind me up, then...
you can be the liver man and liver all the mail;
I can be a scientist and draw us a boat and sail.


  1. Aww,to cute!! Love your writing Pete. Hope all is well with you & yours!! Take care Pete!! Big love & hugs😊

  2. Thanks Nicole - all good, nothing bad. hope you are good too xx