Tuesday, 26 April 2016

The Class Room

The Class Room

Day in an English state 'Academy' Tory approved classroom. Two students study 'Great Expectations' by Dickens with interest, realising its relevance to their lives and future.They are using computers to research. 

Terry and Julie are both boys and they didn’t meet over the river, Waterloo Underground.

Terry:  Do we have to say this out loud?

Julie: Mmm.

Terry: What you doing?

Julie: Me and Dad is getting this tractor. The old one is broke. We’s up till two this morning doing the silage. I’m Tired. Good tractor….

Terry: (fiddles in his pocket and takes out mobile phone device, then shouts):  Sir? Can we play music?

Teacher : Now you know that’s against school rules. The Head Teacher has stopped all that. You shouldn’t even have it in class. Put it away before I take it off you. Julie? Will you please stop looking at tractors and get on with Dickens. You have to present next lesson, you know. There will be no more computer time.

Julie: Tucker’s on games again, Sir. Oy, Tucker, you fat twat, get off them games before Sir sees you. He’s on games, Sir.

Teacher: Well done. Dob in your mates. 

Terry: I’m not saying this Dickens shit out loud. I won’t do it.

Julie: Chicken shit? Ha ha, It’s crap, isn’t it? When am I ever going to need to say this out loud? I don’t need to speak anyway.

Terry: Is he looking? I’m going to listen to my music.

Julie: No. He’s not looking. What are we supposed to be doing?

Terry: You going to that party? Tonight? Last time, Joe got off with Bob.

Julie: Yeah, too right. What time is it? You written anything yet? I’m just going to cut and paste Wikipedia, anyway. He never checks.

Terry: Load of crap, this. I’m not going to do it anyway. I’ll be off sick.

Julie: Yeah, shit.  I hate School.