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Sunday, 24 April 2016

I Left My Scent: guest post by Frances Jaden

I'd walk past every day,
I left my scent to discover.
I think I could say
I wanted you as my lover.

Love from the start?
Love unknown, it was thrilling.
Life is to live,
Love is for giving.

Over and over,
Our love has been tested.
Over and over.
Our love we've contested.

Virtual lovers,
Virtual spouse.
Virtual lovers,
Virtual house.

Every new day a “good morning”
Every day a deep yearning.
Every day when I wake,
Every day my heart aches.

You're my first thought when I wake,
You're every step that I take.
You are near yet so far,
You are.

One day when life lets us,
One day when it's just us.
Our bodies together,
Our love bound. Forever.


Frances Jaden