Saturday, 12 March 2016

2013 TX68

2013 TX68

Come, friendly asteroid, smash into this planet.
Don’t avoid it, get here and ram it.
Plunge into the magma and out through the crust,
Tear it all to pieces, reduce it all to dust.

Come, asteroid, burn and blaze the air overhead
to filter and percolate the impure and the dead.
Bleed it dry, so it can no longer ooze or flow
to choke those who remain on the earth below.

Unthread the necklace of satellites in orbit above.
Shatter, obliterate and get rid of
the ones that spy, the ones that pry,
the ones that send the waves that fry.

Twist up the aerials, screw down the dishes,
send the mobile phones to sleep with the fishes.
Buffer all the downloads, freeze up the web
so those who stay on can start living instead.

Plough your furrow straight into the church.
Pulverise the palace, the state, the purse.
Scatter your burning seeds through the city,
Destroy it all; show no mercy, no pity.

Make haste, come now, the need is great
to wipe the slate clean, chalk it down to fate.
With billions of tons of clinker and granite
come, friendly asteroid, smash into this planet.

Apologies to John Betjeman

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