Monday, 15 June 2020

Dark Matter

Dark Matter

You cannot breathe in space; are surrounded

by more dark matter than stars, threatening,

out there above you, cumulus of old cosmos,

massing in blackening clusters, soaking light,

grim, hungover boulders pivot upon tiny levers

gather in grey thunderclouds, awaiting the day,

colossal on catacliff edges, with sheer potential

to drop, plummet, smash and crush. Impassive

grind the rock molars, pounding fragile vessels,

tiny white-blue sphere set against dark oceans

mounts little defence for there is none to offer.

No tweeting can contact something this far out

or hope to move it, no mass rallies, fists shaken,

no deeply moving messages, passionate speech;

it is too late; now beyond reach of any conceit.

This gravity cannot be explained, reasoned with:

Binds universes together or tears them apart,

it takes stellar velocity, one observable spark.

Into deep sea trenches tossed statues tumbling,

hear screams of shameful empires crumbling.

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