Thursday, 14 February 2019

Memory Motel

Memory Motel

I hit the ocean’s bottom yet there’s still so far to fall
hear your sighing voice so sweet and silver call
 walk down gone spaces that are hardly there at all
talk of places within lost moments that enthrall
tread passages and channels of our other world
smile backpack sashay soft handsome gorgeous girl
 word-whisper in my ear from times that now are past
fingernailing love's brick graffiti wall couldn't always last
 falling faster but there’s still some ways to know
your love handclasps firm grip and never now let go
ivy clings to choke where love grew and ever lives
in air to kiss our lips then turn coat tumbling gives

picking at your heart-stringed bass guitar
that used to mean so much to me
strum some other low slung bass guitar
that maybe brings it back to me

your waning smile shimmers and I pray you use it well
use it well
to stop waxing angel come forth and break the spell
break the spell
block gusty desert winds to save us both from hell
who can tell

We must leave when our time is come and gone
chance to chant some words in grief is surely wrong
touch the places in my mind where once we both gave
wander through love’s living spirits late and sad unsaved
my cupid fingers brushing everyone I once kissed
blessed them in blisses we swore each night we never miss

oh darling, my spirit crystal drifts through empty classrooms long
breathes ghost waking memories of faded swimming sun
and now I can no longer touch I leave you with my song