Saturday, 12 November 2016

What's App??

What’s App?


I’m going into town later if you change your mind. Let me know. 😟

I think that’s a nay. I have lots of work to do. Yesterday was a write off. I sat in and waited but in the end nothing happened and I’m behind now. Enjoy yourself, won’t you?

Coffee? Quickly, tell me. Yaay or naay?

I can be with you in ten minutes, darling.

Coffee? Shall I come over? It doesn’t matter if you are still in your PJs.

I’ll let you sleep, then.

I don’t have a sexy new boyfriend. I texted you and then I fell asleep. 😳

Right. I can only assume you have a sexy new boyfriend and he is detaining you at his pleasure. OK. Well, fine. That’s fine. I understand.

OK. I’m worried now. You never don’t text me. You text me all the time. What’s going on?

Are you there?

What’s up?

I’m going to bed in a minute, it’s late, sweetheart. Look I’ll leave the door on the latch. If you want to drive over and pop in. Mmmmmm. I’d like to pop in myself. You know? If you let me. I’ll take my time, you know. Popping in. I’ll be long and slow, smooth, you’ll hardly notice, I promise. I’ll be sweet, tender.

Just listening to some music. One of our tunes. It’s getting late.

OK – so it’s ten o clock. I thought you’d be here by now.

Seven o clock. I’m just going to fix myself a bite to eat, since we didn’t get to go out. Bloody starving. Nowt in the freezer.

OK, sexy.

Let’s compromise. You nap. I’ll fix myself a strong coffee, have a shower then see how we feel, OK? πŸ˜‰

Oh dear. How are you feeling? Are we getting lunch? It’s getting on, you know. I need my old man afternoon nap now.

Four in the morning. 😱

What time did you get in?

Great! Sounds fantastic. πŸ˜›

Yeah, it was a good night. Saw the football, had a couple of beers. Haven’t got a hangover, the band was awesome – they played a right mixture: Wings, The Police, Floyd, AC/DC – I was up and dancing, at my age, I ask you xx

Afternoon, babes. πŸ˜‹ Good night, last night? πŸ˜€

You OK? I thought I would have heard from you by now. Thought we were off for lunch and a stroll around town.

Hey! You up and about?

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