Sunday, 23 December 2018

Rest and Be Thankful

Rest and Be Thankful

Rest and be thankful today for what was once had.
At Christmas, even scorched hearts should soar and be glad,
not toffee-tongued, bitter burnt, downcast and sad.

When grey winter’s ancient trees hang bare of leaf,
dripping cold upon the weary city’s tangled grief,
remember when glorious sun shone on minds full of belief.

Let us shake off anger and deny its furious powers,
laugh instead; languish beneath warm summer showers,
recall what might have been in fields of flowers.

Learn by heart kissed days when meeting was rich in pleasure,
 azure cool calm watered oases of treasure,
relax side by side, quench love’s thirsts measure with measure.

Praise blissed soundtracks that remind with simple songs
of melodies shared and memories strong,
link us in tune to serenade those days now grown long.

Why, if chance would have us meet without our stir,
then let us dress in grateful smiles to greet the fortunate stars.
Why steal shyly away with crucified hearts of fear?

Wipe from tired faces the frown lines that hold us in thrall,
scale trenches and tear down the wall,
Cry out ‘armistice’, agree truce and wave the white flag,
rest and be thankful today for what was once had.

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