Saturday, 12 May 2018

The Freeze

The Freeze

Now that the cord is nearly broken
and the door more closed than open
the spell that is no longer spoken
 parting gifts now empty tokens
memories we no longer rake
little left of goodness sake
scratched out letters on mustard pages
words that speak in shabby clichés
scattered crumbs of once sweet cake
winds that fail to stir the lake
spring blossoms will soon fall and fade

red petals stripped from crimson rose
dank lilies lie in mute repose
chains that can no longer hold
of corroding metal rusted gold
gathering speed our ship begins
to sink in rippled plunging rings
lifeboat fights to stay afloat
drawbridge raised above the moat
unsteeded knight jilts hard won spurs
veins of blood stagnate unstirred
hammered stakes that pierce the heart
necking swans must drift apart
sly slinking wolf now cringing cur
cheetah with no drive to purr
decaying orbit of darling stars
lengthened dusks of pale memoirs

ever fixed mark is shaken
by the lodestone of love forsaken
tears that freeze before they fall
choking dust of cloyed mothball
padlocked heart still faintly beats
but the keys are out of reach
when my soul’s eyes start to close
and kindest thoughts between us froze.

The things we needed once to say
in ways that brightened up the day
caressing kisses hidden touches
reddened face and modest blushes
forever burning throbbing pleasure
sun blissed days without measure
minds that hunt for buried treasure
melding thoughts in fiery leisure
reclining in love’s arms once spent
smiles that silent speak content.
remember how we once were glad
about these that will make us mad.

But now that the cord is nearly broken
and the door more closed than open
our soul’s eyes sticky blind with disease
make kindest thoughts between us freeze.

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