Wednesday, 20 December 2017

The End of Something Old... is the Start of Something New.

The End of Something Old...

is the Start of Something New.

At the very start of something new
we looked forward to its ending.
Our hearts that fluttered once so fast,
count downbeats to our rending.

The Christmas tree we deck today,
which glitters now so bright,
will wither all too soon in soft decay 
to shed sharp needles through our night.

And even as we taste the first falling flakes of love
to roll them around our tongues,
we’ll spread the rumours of its death
and despair, as  curtained days draw long.

This spring our pounding love is a playlist,
a silver disc, burning deep.
It will become back catalogued tunes,
that make us sigh and weep.

The summer loving fun we now are making,
ripple ripe wheat in the field.
The wolf will howl and shred our breasts
with wounds we must conceal.

Our autumn eyes and throbbing throats
promise spells that can’t be broken.
Transform the season into dust,
poor gifts and shoddy tokens.

Our winter’s angel blows kiss upon kiss
in bliss so harsh and unaware.
She hides the knife that cuts the bond,
darkens what were once our faces fair.

At the very end of something old
We’ll frown backwards at the parting.
Our regrets will be unspoken and unheard 
just the sound of something starting.

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